Lauren Furst

Honors Project: 

Developing a Tumor-Selective Antibody Fc Region to Redirect the Immune System to Attack Cancer Cells
Major: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
My name is Lauren Furst and I’m majoring in pharmaceutical chemistry with minors in HMS, music and biology. I plan on attending medical school next fall. I am a member of Dr. Thévenin’s biochemistry lab which studies ways to target chemotherapy drugs to tumor cells. I play flute and piccolo in the Lehigh Philharmonic Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Lehigh Silver flute choir and sing with the University Choir and Dolce Treble Choir.
The Eckardt scholar program gave me the flexibility to pursue my varied interests. It allowed me to take many different classes and complete three minors in addition to my involvement in research. I loved the sense of community that Eckardt provides and having an advisor who cares so much about the students and could connect me with resources. 
Minors: Health, Medicine, and Society | Music | Biology
Hometown: Salt Lake CIty, UT