Hiwot Demelash

Honors Project: 

Does Ethnic Federalism Promote Peace in Ethiopia?
International Relations and Health, Medicine, and Society


I’m a first-generation student. I’m passionate about human rights advocacy, establishing good governance, and sustainable development, especially relating to improving clean water and sanitation. I’m also very interested in environmental and public health related issues. I see myself as a global citizen, and want to pursue working on projects that have important impacts globally. My dream is to work on any of the initiatives I’m passionate about, especially human rights advocacy and sustainable development projects, with a focus on Ethiopia and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole.

My experience both as a Lehigh student and in the Eckardt Program has been amazing. Lehigh was my dream university, and I applied early-decision. This was largely because of the established International Relations department, and the opportunities to be involved in the United Nations. Being an Eckardt student has made everything so much easier and interesting for me, because it gave me the freedom and flexibility to explore taking other classes from different subjects, and to double major. I’m glad to say that my experience here has matched the high expectations I had of Lehigh from when I was a prospective high school student.