Emily Baker

Honors Project: 

Bethlehem housing rental market case study - a statistical and qualitative analysis on top price contributors and the markup of student housing
Mathematics and Finance
I am from the suburbs of Chicago pursuing degrees in mathematics and finance. Currently, I co-lead the Thompson International Portfolio and am a peer mentor. In the past I have also been involved with the Lehigh Consulting Group, Office of First Year Experience, and Community Service Office.
Lehigh was not at the top of my college list until I found out I was admitted into the Eckardt Scholars Program. It is the reason I decided to fly out to Lehigh mid-April of my senior year, and after meeting with Eckardt advisors and current students that weekend, I had no doubt Lehigh was the best choice for me. This program is the reason I’ve been able to pursue degrees in two different colleges, creating my own interdisciplinary experience after experimenting in several disciplines my freshman year. I greatly value the community this program creates and the way it challenges me and encourages me to explore different subjects and passions.